Customer Satisfaction


At Logic Energy, our main priority is Customer Satisfaction!

Here’s what a few of our happy customers have to say:

“Just wanted to give some feedback – very happy with all the work done. Both guys were very clean and tidy, this week, and also the crew that were here last year. Thanks for a great job well done. Will recommend to friends for sure. Regards, Leah S”

“A big THANK YOU to the team at Logic Energy. We are so pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail with our air-con installation – Sarah”

“Your technicians took the time to explain our new solar system in great detail. They set up the app to our wifi so we can monitor it daily. Very happy with the service your company has provided. I have friends looking at installing solar so will give them your number. Best wishes, Dan”

Everything is going very well here. In fact, the boys have finished the job completely. So our invoice can forwarded for payment. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. I wish Tom, yourself and the boys every success and happiness.
Kind regards,

“Good Morning,
Yes, thank you, we are enjoying our solar system and air-conditioners. It is lovely!”

“Thanks very much. Something always comes up where we need a reliable sparky and I will certainly recommend you guys to others. Cheers Owen”

Preparing your home for Storm Season!

Katie Storm 1

Out on the patio we sit and the humidity, we breathe. We watch the lighting crack over canefields…

Ahh such a great Aussie classic we can all relate to!

Here in Queensland, we love an impressive performance by Mother Nature, however when the summer storms hit, they are often hard and fast, sometimes without warning and can cause intense damage to our properties, leaving us in the dark and forcing us to drink all the beer before it gets warm (secretly the only silver lining!). 

Being prepared and protecting your home electrics before storm season can save the dramas, and offers more time to snuggle up and enjoy the rolling clouds and lightning shows.

A thorough check of power points is a good start. The last thing you want are faulty power points or electrical points exposed to the elements and causing black outs during a storm. We all know water and electricity aren’t a fun mix! Also check electrical points in the ceiling and basement as rats love chewing on wires, and in high winds and rain, water ingress to the roof is common. Appliances should be checked over and any frayed wires need to be repaired or the item replaced and if you are living in a flood zone, all electrical points should be relocated to higher positions. 

Should storm warnings be severe, its a good idea to unplug all electric appliances and switch off the mains power if advised by emergency services. 

If you live in a storm prone area where blackouts are common, a generator is a great investment so that the ice cream doesn’t melt! 

After the storm passes, danger may still be present so listen to the radio for further warnings. If power to your home has been cut, contact your local energy supplier to confirm whether the problem is isolated to your residence. Carefully do a visual check for any damaged electrical cables and power lines which may pose any threat and call a qualified electrician if you notice anything out of the ordinary, or the SES if an emergency.  

Of course, any electrical checks need to be done by a qualified electrician and certainly not a DIY job – no matter how great you were at those high school science projects! :)

For more info, visit the government website: 

– Logic Energy

Be cool as a cucumber this summer


We all love frolicking in the sun and sand during those long, hot summer days, but as the mercury rises and the heat waves come rolling in, we prefer to seek shelter indoors where it is cool and comfortable.

Queensland heat waves are relentless. Reaching temperatures of above 40 degrees, plus unbearable humidity levels – which is enough for all of us to seek refuge inside with a refreshing beverage in hand… And sadly, the humble fan doesn’t quite cut it!

Additionally, the high temperatures can be detrimental to the health of our vulnerable people – the elderly, infants and pregnant ladies – causing possible heat stroke and heat exhaustion. 

Stop leaving the fridge door open, sleeping with ice packs or working overtime at the office purely for the air-con! For the comfort of you and your loved ones, now is the perfect time to have air-conditioning installed or have your existing systems serviced and ready for the sweltering summer ahead. 

Whether its your home or office, there are many options for air-conditioning for various budgets.

Logic Energy would love to help you be cool and comfortable all year round. Call us on 07 5479 4414 to discuss your air-conditioning options.



Outdoor living and lighting

Spring is just around the corner…

We know how much Queenslanders love outdoor living and getting amongst those blooming floral pretties! Creative and cost effective outdoor lighting assists with the transition from day to night and creates ambience and romance to outdoor spaces.

Whether its jazzing up your entertainment areas, adding sparkle to your trees and walkways or creating gentle ambient surroundings to enjoy an evening under the stars, the team and Logic Energy have some fantastic and creative ideas to make your outdoor areas extra magical!

Let us create dazzling spaces so you can make the most of your downtime and enjoy our stunning Queensland weather.



uplights in palms

romantic outdoor living

outdoor living

*photos courtesy of Google :)


Solar Energy – Eco Friendly and Sustainable


We’re all aware of climate change and how mining for coal and oil is no longer an option if we wish to sustain a healthy planet. Solar Energy is an eco friendly and sustainable option which takes care of our mother earth, as well as your hip pocket!



Advantages of Solar Energy:

  • Its indefinitely renewable for as long as sunshine exists!
  • Its green, eco friendly and environmentally sustainable.
  • It saves money on your electricity bill!
  • There are no harmful greenhouse gases or pollution. 
  • Solar panels are low maintenance and last a long time.
  • Up front costs are soon outweighed by the money saved in the long run PLUS government rebates are available. 

For a happier and healthier planet, call Logic Energy and choose solar!

Electrical Safety Switches – have yours been checked recently?

Electrical Safety Switches are designed to protect you, your family and anyone visiting your home!

When an electrical current is detected leaking from faulty switches, appliances or wiring, the safety switch will automatically shut off the electricity to prevent electric shocks. 

In other words, the current flowing to earth through a person is stopped, and therefore electrocution is prevented. 

At Logic Energy, electrical safety is paramount and electrical safety switches are essential. 

We recommend regular checks of your safety switch to ensure it is running properly. Also a single safety switch may not be enough as one should be installed for each circuit. If you are unsure, ask your electrician.

Installation and electrical work is not a do-it-yourself job and is certainly not worth the risk! A licensed electrician is required for all electrical related jobs.

Contact the Electrical Safety Infoline on 13 00 65 06 62 for more information.









We love great feedback about our electrical services!

Keeping our clients happy is our top priority at Logic Energy and we love receiving positive feedback about our electrical services and solar installations. We are pleased to hear that our customers are referring our services to their friends and family! 

Below are some comments from a few of our happy clients:

“Logic Energy were punctual, professional and did a good job explaining all they did as they went. Very happy to recommend Logic to friends.”

– Simon D from Chapel Hill, QLD


“Tom from Logic Energy was prompt, efficient, no fuss, helpful and completed the work satisfactorily. I highly recommend him. Will have him do more electrical work in the future.”

– Kristin B from Flaxton, QLD


“They were prompt and professional. I would highly recommend Logic Energy for their work.”

– Kaleb G from Mountain Creek, QLD


“Logic Energy provide a great service as they range from general electrical, to solar and air-conditioning. We are so pleased we now have solar and are already seeing the benefits.”

– Katie S from Bli Bli, QLD 

Call Logic Energy on 54 79 44 14 for all your Electrical, Solar, Air-conditioning and Data services.