Be cool as a cucumber this summer


We all love frolicking in the sun and sand during those long, hot summer days, but as the mercury rises and the heat waves come rolling in, we prefer to seek shelter indoors where it is cool and comfortable.

Queensland heat waves are relentless. Reaching temperatures of above 40 degrees, plus unbearable humidity levels – which is enough for all of us to seek refuge inside with a refreshing beverage in hand… And sadly, the humble fan doesn’t quite cut it!

Additionally, the high temperatures can be detrimental to the health of our vulnerable people – the elderly, infants and pregnant ladies – causing possible heat stroke and heat exhaustion. 

Stop leaving the fridge door open, sleeping with ice packs or working overtime at the office purely for the air-con! For the comfort of you and your loved ones, now is the perfect time to have air-conditioning installed or have your existing systems serviced and ready for the sweltering summer ahead. 

Whether its your home or office, there are many options for air-conditioning for various budgets.

Logic Energy would love to help you be cool and comfortable all year round. Call us on 07 5479 4414 to discuss your air-conditioning options.