Electrical Safety Switches – have yours been checked recently?


Electrical Safety Switches are designed to protect you, your family and anyone visiting your home!

When an electrical current is detected leaking from faulty switches, appliances or wiring, the safety switch will automatically shut off the electricity to prevent electric shocks. 

In other words, the current flowing to earth through a person is stopped, and therefore electrocution is prevented. 

At Logic Energy, electrical safety is paramount and electrical safety switches are essential. 

We recommend regular checks of your safety switch to ensure it is running properly. Also a single safety switch may not be enough as one should be installed for each circuit. If you are unsure, ask your electrician.

Installation and electrical work is not a do-it-yourself job and is certainly not worth the risk! A licensed electrician is required for all electrical related jobs.

Contact the Electrical Safety Infoline on 13 00 65 06 62 for more information.